Okay . . .

I am an anomoly in my professional environment, and I am being way too hard on the Help Desk by actually expecting them to listen to me.

I had to work Saturday, and here is a partial list of the highly technical problems I had to solve:

"My Gemini is broken! I can't log in!"

Alphabet key is not turned on.

"My Gemini is broken! I put in a new battery and it won't do anything!"

Unit not turned on.

"My Gemini is broken! It won't do anything!"

Letters in numeric field.

"My printer is broken!"

You have to put in a battery. That gaping hole in the back is where you put in the battery.

"My printer isn't printing!"

You have to put in labels.

"My printer isn't printing! The Gemini says it isn't there!"

They have to be linked to each other to talk.

"How did you do that?"

I pressed "Enter."

So perhaps there is a reason that the Help Desk wasn't listening.


Dana said...

*shakes head*

Rachel Ann said...

Bangs hands against forehead.

Ghost said...

"If you have to force it in, it's upside down. See those little metal parts? They are supposed to touch those other little metal parts . . . "