BB Guns, Small Boys and Pop Culture Photography

The Boy wants a BB gun.

He doesn't care what kind -- rifle, pistol, whatever. He has completed his official Cub Scout BB Gun Safety Class, and can hit a target at least six times out of roughly 300 shots.

Note to Other Mothers: When your Small Child asks you if s/he can have a BB gun, do not ever agree to go along with whatever The Husband decides. The same husband who criticized you for letting the child eat Cheerios and sliced black olives ("Oh my God! What does he have! He'll choke! Are you CRAZY?!!") after your pediatrician, an actual doctor, said it was time for tiny foods will turn on you at this first available opportunity and will take the Small Child shopping for a BB gun, while reminiscing about the one he had as a child, until he really, actually remembers exactly why he no longer has that wonderful weapon in his possession any more, drags The Child out of the store, and offers to repeat the experience once The Child has completed Official Cub Scout Weapon Safety, forgetting about the fact that The Child is off to Cub Scout Camp the following week. Currently, The Boy is more interested in archery, which I am encouraging, mostly because the kid-sized bows aren't in season at W*l-M*rt yet . . .
I'm personally leaning toward the type that shoots bright, electric green air pellets rather than an actual BB.

Air pellets sting.

BBs can get you investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

It's a good thing LA's not in Texas . . . their BB-related shooting incident caseload would be overwhelming.