** sound of creaking joints **

I'm not dead, although I do kind of feel like it.

My transfer went in to the new store, and I am working on a set-up crew.

I hurt . . . I'm using muscles that haven't been used in a while.

We do have a good crew, and I think we will easily be ready for our August 24 grand opening.


Alicia said...

Good luck on that, and tell someone to give you a good massage :)

Anonymous said...

"Someone" doesn't really do things like that . . . although, of course, he is ever willing to be the recipient, and he does let me sleep in whenever possible. :)

Rachel Ann said...

Oh, how I symptahise. I've got a new job scrubbing dishes for a caterer, and my legs and arms know it! Luckily the boss is nice and the co-workers are great as well.

here's to less achy joints