Deep Impact, or Why Today May Just Be a Good Day to Stay in Bed After All Or Possibly Make Huge, Life-Altering Decisions (Lucky Number: 3 or 7 or 42)

I am a space geek.

It broke my heart when I discovered that tall people were not ideally suited for space travel because they lose too much bone density to alpha radiation in space.

The Boy doesn't know this yet -- I suppose I'll let him discover it on his own.

Meanwhile, we continue to watch every movie and TV show (Firefly, not Trek), read every book (Heinlein still rules), play every game (do I need to say the "H" word?), and obsessively follow every mission.

NASA's latest mission, Deep Impact, absolutely fascinates me. They have gorgeous pictures posted.

While they may not discover how the universe was formed, they will collect invaluable, unique data on the nature and composition of meteors.

Oh, and possibly the effects of comets on horoscopes.

Russian astrologer Marina Bai alleges that the mission has "deformed" her horoscope, and is suing the government agency for $300 million, the cost of the mission. That should just about cover the costs of her "moral sufferings," since NASA is evidently responsible for ruining "the natural balance of forces in the universe."

Hearings for the case are slated for late July.

Bai reminds me of my mother, who firmly believes that global warming is caused by NASA launching various objects into space. Pokes holes in the ozone layer, don't you know.

I think I was adopted . . .


snowballinhell said...

Don't feel bad. My grandfather claimed that all sunsets where altered by The Bomb, refused to believe we ever landed on the moon (government hoax, yanno), and wouldn't participate in Daylight Savings Time (government conspiracy).

Yeah, screwing with that commet must be what my problem has been this week. I could use some of the $300 million, too.

Oh, and I can't WAIT to see the Firefly movie!