** whew **

I am alive and well, and not particularly hiding or anything.

I just haven't hit a rhythm yet. Or decided if I want to . . .

It has been an incredibly hectic week.

Remember, The Boy has been attending Cub Scout Day Camp on the other side of the metroplex, so we have been in transit quite a bit and should own stock in GatorAde, as much of it as we have bought this week ("Fierce Grape" and the day-glo blue kind).

He is enormously proud of himself because he managed to shoot a target twice, and received a coveted Lucky Gold Horseshoe for recycling trash. He also went fishing and caught what he claims is the State Fish.

I didn't know we had a State Fish. Or that there were State Fishes anywhere. He assures me it was, in fact, the State Fish, only he forgot what it was called but it had a pink stripe and he let it go home.

I have been to a BSA training class, and took Youth Protection Training online. Go ahead and ask me anything about scouting -- I know.

My ISP was eaten by Earthlink, who paid a large pile of money to buy a perfectly good, stable service and managed ruin it within two weeks.

I hate Earthlink.

I spend twenty minutes on hold ("Current waiting time," trilled a perky, happy, computer-generated voice, "is five minutes." Uh-huh. I'll take a ticket to that planet . . . ) to talk to My Personal Transition Representative Who Did Not Sound As If He Could Really Be Named Steve and discover that they misspelled my login and changed the capitalization and lack thereof in my password somewhere during the switchover.

Also, Earthlink has killed the twelve thousand local access numbers and replaced them with a single line.

Another perky, happy, computer-generated voice assured me that Earthlink was voted number one for customer service by JD Powell and Associates, who were obviously detained in cubicles without access to chocolate for several weeks until they decided that yes, Earthlink really was wonderful! And not just because they had all the chocolate!

I believe this theory because it took me ten minutes to convince the poor tech guy that no, I was not going to install the Earthlink software and would continue to use my own software and connection settings.

The Husband put Ubuntu on his laptop, because it was crashing and refusing to participate in fun activities like reformatting and reinstalling Windows. He is still playing with it, and is trying to convert his WordPerfect files to Open Office.

I wandered into CompUSA and drooled on the MiniMacs. I really just need a new processor and video card for the PC Beastie, but oooh! What a lovely machine ("What would you do with it?" The Husband blinked at me)! I also found a $120 power cord that would work on all my ancient Powerbooks in walls, cars and airplanes. Not that this is particularly an issue -- I just want one anyway.


Alicia said...

Glad you're liking the new setup. Guess this is the push I need to get a Blogger account as more and more of my favorite bloggers are here and I keep leaving anonymous posts.