Okay, are we live?


bod said...

So Earthlink not good then?! We have companies like that here, like to blow their own trumpet but actually have no cause to do so. Am just about to put the kettle on, fancy a cuppa?
Yes, we are alive, well? will let you know.

Ghost said...

I'm actually fond of Darjeeling, though I've been drinking more Rooibos than anything else.

It's not that Earthlink is really that bad -- they just have an intrusive quality I dislike.

Must use their stupid toolbar.

Must install their stupid software (you can still use your own, but they MUST maintain a presence).

Unfortunately, living 23 miles south of Nowhere, in the land of "Sorry, we have no plans to run DSL lines out that far until 2010 or so," we need an integrated connection accelerator to run The Husband's addiction, Star Wars Galaxies (yes, he has a lizard like Obi-Wan in Ep.3).

So I have a desktop with half a dozen Earthlink icons.