I always seem to be doing updates, rather than blogging in a regular, semi-cohesive manner.

Blogging used to be something I enjoyed, and I am not really certain how I reached a point where I began to associate it with work and guilt. I have promised myself that I will blog something every day for the duration of the summer, without worrying about it.

The Boy has been out of school just over two weeks, and seems to have survived the trauma.

He brought home awards for basketball, social studies, math, spelling and trivia. I personally had no idea that trivia was a subject taught in school, but we have a ribbon, so who am I to question our education system.

Yesterday the neighborhood kids wanted to play school.

The Boy was horrified.

"Why do you want to do that?" he demanded. "I hate school."

Naturally, he was appointed the teacher, which was fine as long as his class was content to debate the issue of whether butterflies have two wings or four. Things got a little strange when he went off on a tangent on how much greater the aerodynamic control would be if they had eight wings.

He has also just discovered Korn, and says that they are pretty good, considering they are named after a vegetable.


bod said...

how did his friends take to the aerodynamics lesson?! cant beat a bit of individualism.

Anne said...

"School" ended pretty quickly.

Sometimes the other kids just aren't sure what to make of him.

Corvus said...

Just to be picky - corn is actually a grain, not a vegetable. Glad he survived another year!

Anne said...


I think I'll leave that one alone for now. Once it has been brought to his attention I will have to say "vegetable and grain soup," etc., or be corrected.

I'm still trying to decide if there is any significance to the fact that he likes hard rock -- Korn, Manson, NIN, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, etc. -- while his friends are still in the folk song stage.

bod said...

ah linkin park and papa roach..a boy of my own heart!